June 1, 2010


flowers for me

  • we had a great weekend, enjoyed some time at a family get-together, catching up with many we haven’t seen in a long time.
  • the kids have picked a collection of little blooms for me and I think they look nice in these tiny vases above my kitchen sink.
  • I also found myself totally unplugged all weekend…no facebook (which I thoroughly enjoyed), no photo uploading, no browsing the internet.  a break away from all the mental busyness is so refreshing sometimes.
  • what I did instead is read.  lots of reading….total devouring, in fact.  I read the entire first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series, I’ll finish Eat, Pray, Love tonight, and I started (because I just couldn’t help myself) Go Ask Alice this afternoon.  I also bought book two of the SS series today so that I can continue with the story…captivating, it is!
  • now as I think about my previously mentioned lack-of-interest-in-reading problem, I realize the best way to solve that is to back away from so many computer activities and time-draining internet browsing.
  • so…I’m off this computer for another couple of days.  I have some reading to do!


151 :: 365

  • wow, what a couple of days! in the weekend we took a trip to the mount and had a great time catching up with good friends
  • and then yesterday, my darling turned three!
  • she had a good day and was so excited when she got home from kindy and there were balloons everywhere!
  • when we asked her what she wanted for dinner, she requested chips, sauce, cookies and cheese! the poor thing was so tired though, falling asleep before dinner and the cake
  • so tonight we will do the birthday cake ~ a bright red lady bug cake

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