May 29, 2010


spring rolls

  • we made spring rolls with peanut coconut dipping sauce for dinner….the kids really, really enjoyed making them.  they were super easy and incredibly delicious!
  • i’ve spent some time outside the past couple of days weeding the garden….oh, the weeds!  it’s amazing how fast they grow.
  • i’ve begun reading my newest book and it seems like it’s going to be entertaining  –  another vampire series, oh my.
  • tomorrow is a family get-together at my aunt’s house.  it promises to be full of good food, good times, and lots of crawfish!  yum!


146 :: 365

  • i have been enjoying quiet evenings lately, knitting an afghan blanket. i love that as the afghan squares aren’t too big, i feel like i am making real progress every-time i cast off another square
  • i watched a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert this morning, and i loved this part ~  “I get up every single day and I do my very best, with what I am and what I have. That’s it. I do what I can.”
  • i am hoping to pop into a book store this weekend and pick up a new read. after watching that talk i would quite like to read Committed, as i really enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love.
  • so excited about this weekend ~ we will be catching up with good friends, can’t wait to spend some time with them!
  • inspired by so much lately, like capturing everyday magic and daily chores.
  • i have also been thinking a lot about what would go on my comfort list and how much of those comforts are actually in my life, on a regular basis.

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