A focus on being Home

A focus on being Mindful

Our focus has brought us together in collaboration for A Mindful Home.   We are Kylie and Sandra and we are glad you are here.  We want to use this space as a journey in photography, friendship, and noticing the beautiful details of our two lives from completely opposite parts of the globe.  We’d like to introduce ourselves:

I am Kylie, from New Zealand, and I live with my fantastic fiancée and our two beautiful children – a four year old and year old.  I am a stay at Home Mum and my hobbies and passions include photography, reading, baking, art and organizing. You can find my blog, Radiant Reflections here and my Flickr photo stream, here.  Here are a few thoughts on my One Little Word for 2010 – Home:

“This year I want to focus on Home.  I want to be more Mindful of my Home and Home life.  I want to notice, document and remember the little things that make up our family Home.  I want to create a calmer, happier, less cluttered and more organized Home – getting rid of things we no longer use, or need.  I hope that by focusing on Home and the things in our Home, that it will become a more peaceful place; a sanctuary.”

I am Sandra, from the United States of America, more specifically, Alabama.  I am happily married to the love of my life and a mother to four incredible children, twin boys (11) and two girls (4 and 6).  My passions include home schooling my children, photography, writing, art, and reading. You can find my blog, Sandra Lundy :: Photography, here and my Flickr photo stream here.  Here are a few thoughts on my One Little Word for 2010:  Mindful:

“Mindfulness is something that has been on my heart for quite some time now. I want to be in a present state of mind at all times, taking in the good and the bad, the big moments and the small moments. I want to be here… now.  I want to notice when things are seemingly perfect, when things are not. I want to be more mindful of the things that I feel passionate about….my home and family, photography, writing, reading, art.”


8 Responses to “About :: A Mindful Home”

  1. Julie Says:

    I love this, ladies! This is along the same lines I’ve been thinking. I love that word- Mindful. I wouldn’t have come up with it on my own, but it’s exactly what I was looking for. =) Of course, I’m almost always HOME, too and the two together are perfect!

  2. charlane Says:

    good luck on your new project ladies!! sounds fantastic.

  3. hilde Says:

    oh ladies…this is so exciting…lots of luck and love on your new project xxx

  4. kirstenw Says:

    Good luck on your project and I’ll sure to pop in from time to time. I have bookmarked you.

  5. martha Says:

    what a fun project. love both concepts.

  6. Demelza Says:

    made me think. well done ladys,

  7. Karyn Says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the link (2 birds)!!! I look forward to seeing what you ladies post! How awesome!!

  8. PotSoup Says:

    Lovely blog ladies! My Inspired Heart ( Blogger) led me here. Great images and a true pen pals like project.

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