June 3, 2010

tiny moments

  • we’ve still been taking time away from the computer.  i’ve finished two books since monday and started another one today.  all the reading that i’ve been doing has been wonderful – i love the way books make me feel.
  • i did lots of yard work yesterday afternoon.  it still amazes me to see how fast grass can grow in summer.  i think i could pull up a chair and actually watch it!
  • i haven’t been taking as many photos this week, but rather trying to focus on the tiny moments, just absorbing life.
  • i watched a documentary today on sugar and artificial sweeteners…it was full of intriguing facts.
  • i ordered a new computer last week and it should be here tomorrow!  i can’t wait!
  • tonight i’m settling down to read my newest book and get lost in the crazy story of vampires and romance in a small southern town….sigh.


44 :: 52

  • i have been spending less time on the computer the past few days, even de-activating my facebook account for a little bit. its amazing how much of a time-suck facebook can be
  • instead, i have been cleaning out a few things around our home. now that there is no hope of t-shirts and shorts for the next few months, i took some time to clean out the kids drawers, packing away summer clothes
  • i also cleaned out their toy boxes, donating things that they no longer play with. its wonderful how de-cluttering our home really does help to de-clutter your mind
  • today we don’t have a lot planned, yesterday we baked lemon & sultana muffins and today, cookies. (because i can’t get enough of them!) and if it stops raining, Madelyn and i are going in search of flowers to use in her new flower press that she got for her birthday
  • otherwise, just a quiet day, as tomorrow looks to be busy. some errands need to be ran, dentist appointments for both kids and then my little guy has his 15mo. immunisations tomorrow afternoon. but then, it will be the weekend ~ a long weekend too!
  • we have been without hot water the past couple of days. so after visits from electricians and plumbers, all is fixed (and now i can catch up on all those dirty dishes in the sink!) but having no hot water, was a really good reminder as to how lucky we are, living where we do, with all the things we take for granted. others in the world are not so lucky.

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