December 23, 2010


the cousins are here!

  • today has been full of house cleaning and laundry and picking up clutter
  • the cousins are here tonight for a sleepover and the kids are outside around the campfire waiting on s’mores and hot chocolate
  • the moon was absolutely breathtaking tonight as it was rising above the trees
  • tomorrow will be full of preparations for a little dinner party and also the beginning of the christmas baking…cookies, cakes, and pies – here we come!
  • as for right now, everything is beautifully in place and i am so happy and blessed.



  • we woke this morning to blue skies and the sun – it’s going to be a gorgeous day, which will be nice since we haven’t seen the sun in over a week!
  • today – the last little rush to get stuff done so that Christmas Eve tomorrow is relaxed, except for the big house clean to do in the morning, before family arrives on Sunday
  • we have a few gifts to bake and a few gifts to wrap
  • otherwise the to-do list is short, thankfully
  • im looking forward to sitting out in the sun this afternoon, with a cuppa, a mini gingerbread house and holiday music playing

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