December 21, 2010



  • the weekend was spent at a christmas parade in our small town
  • then finishing saturday afternoon with some family and friends, letting the kids have lots of play time
  • the weekend also brought with it a headache
  • it decided to stay around much longer than i’d hoped, but at least i finished my shopping today
  • i’m hoping tomorrow i’ll feel as good as new and get my hands busy with a few crafts the kids have been wanting to do
  • it’s hitting me, the realization that this week is it.  the final week of the big holiday.  i want to make it a good one, full of family time, baking, cooking, music, movies, love, and laughter.  full of all the things that make my kids’ hearts happy.


  • the past few days have been wet and humid – so lots of indoor play – finger painting, baking and gingerbread house making
  • about halfway through, i decided next year we would buy a gingerbread house kit instead …
  • but now its all decorated (and still standing!) its neat to know we made it from scratch and for our first house, its pretty neat!
  • i was right about there being more time than i thought … somehow we skipped a day on the advent calendar!
  • today … catching up on photos from the past few days, a little baking and a visit to Santa later this afternoon

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