December 14, 2010



  • the weekend was full of sweet nothingness…
  • things like watching holiday movies on the sofa, reading, listening to christmas music, baking cookies, and brewing lots of coffee were the things we did to pass the days
  • today we took the boys to get some much needed boots and the girls got a chance to visit with santa and have a photo taken.
  • next we stopped by darrell’s workplace so the kids had a chance to hang out with daddy for a while at work
  • the weather is freezing.  literally.  it is so very cold out today – the kind of cold that makes you understand the importance of gloves and flannel lined jeans!
  • tomorrow i’m finally going to be able to sneak away from all the kids to finish the last bit of shopping that i need to do.  yay!


  • wow, december is flying by! i can’t believe just a few weeks to go until the new year!
  • our weekend was good … we picked up our new vacuum cleaner (yah!), had a lovely picnic dinner down at the lake, watched a few movies and did a bit of holiday baking
  • today, the forecast predicts rain – im really hoping the rain actually comes – everyday last week rain was predicted and the most we got was a 10 minute shower!
  • plans for today – Christmas crafts with the kids and making our gingerbread dough for our gingerbread house

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  1. Julie Says:

    Oh, I love both photos so much!!

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