December 10, 2010


autumn mornings

  • it has been quite cold this week and expected to get even colder as the weekend progresses into early next week.
  • the weather man even mentioned the “s” word, snow, and that is something that we never get around here!
  • today has been super busy, but i’m looking forward to tomorrow’s slow-down with my hubby home.
  • the kids are quietly watching a christmas movie, dinner is waiting on the stove, and a book is calling my name
  • putting my feet up for an evening of peace and quiet is just what i need.


  • another cooler morning … i only hope it stays cloudy and cool all day!
  • today – lots of laundry to do and other daily chores, errands up town … im really hoping next week will either be quieter or i will plan better and get errands done in just one day, rather than a few each day!
  • this afternoon im going to pick up the ingredients needed to make our gingerbread house – i also want to make these mini onesso cute!
  • im really enjoying the quietness of December views. it has been good to get back into [almost] daily posting again
  • this afternoon the kids and i have some glitter painting to do on our cinnamon ornaments and then later tonight, i really must do some knitting … just one more side of the border to do … the border has almost taken as long as the blanket itself!
  • late last week our vacuum cleaner broke, so tomorrow we are off to get a new one … and it couldn’t come soon enough – the un-vacuumed floors are driving me nuts :-p
  • a very full and busy, but wonderful week

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  1. charlane Says:

    i always enjoy the quiet beauty of your pairings. and i crave that oatmeal.

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