December 8, 2010



  • this weekend was great…full of down time, coffee and cocoa, and christmas movies
  • tonight we’re expecting a good freeze so…
  • today was full of picking the garden and cleaning and packing the goodies away for later use
  • i’m really hoping that by covering what was left out there, the other veggies will survive the temps.
  • today was also full of laundry (as usual) and grocery and shopping list-making.  it’s so nice to head to town with a plan!
  • tomorrow is holiday shopping day for my girls (since i took the boys last week) so they are really looking forward to that.  so am i!
  • we’ll start with an early breakfast out at a favorite restaurant and then lots of shopping for the things they want to give their brothers.
  • i think it’s shaping up to be a great week!


  • our weekend was lovely – we went to the christmas parade … the kids had lots of fun and it was perfect sunny weather!
  • i had a migraine yesterday, so today has been a day of catch up, stuff that didn’t get done yesterday and over the weekend … errands and chores
  • we have been busy baking too … late last week – cinnamon ornaments, in the weekend – chocolate rum balls and today – shortbread cookies yum!
  • tonight – relaxing with a cuppa and a little bit of knitting
  • tomorrow looks to be cooler weather – for which i am thankful for! we have more errands to run and then a little bit of decoration making with the kids

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