December 2, 2010



  • fresh green kale from the garden for tonight’s dinner
  • i’ve been doing a little desk organizing and filing this afternoon
  • i’m hoping for a quiet evening and possibly a movie
  • as a result of the scare we had a couple of weeks ago, we’ve got a big day in front of us tomorrow and i’m praying that things go well.
  • i feel confident that things will be fine and my mind will be fully back on track very, very soon.


  • this morning is a little cooler than has been lately, and i kind of hoping that the clouds stick around – i could do with a cooler day!
  • last night we put up the tree … and today, holiday music is playing!
  • i love this time of the year … all the decorations, lights (bokeh!) and excitement in the air
  • the kids loved their treat from the advent calendar yesterday morning … but my little man couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed another
  • today … a little bit more decorating, the big supermarket shop, maybe the start of holiday baking and i really must start the big clean of our kitchen!
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    1. charlane Says:

      i’m praying things go well too!

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