December 1, 2010


just a few things...

  • we had a great long weekend following thanksgiving
  • it was full of leftovers from the big meal, lots of family time, and lots of christmas list making.
  • i love the sweet letters the kids write to santa every year.
  • today was full of shopping, taking the boys to the hair salon, and rain.  lots and lots of rain.
  • we started the day with the air conditioner on then came home from running our errands to put on the heater.
  • christmas shopping was started today and hopefully one more trip can wrap things up, leaving lots of time for all the really good stuff the holiday season has to offer…
  • i started reading this book by Brene Brown and i must say that it has been fantastic so far, i can hardly put it down!


  • our weekend was good … full of family and gorgeous weather
  • the paddling pool came out of storage and the kids had a blast splashing about all weekend!
  • my MIL gave us a wonderful, felt advent calendar. so today, i hope to make some little advent cards to fit in the pockets … and im so excited to put up the tree and other decorations tomorrow!
  • im planning on participating in December views, again this year … my personal blog has been quiet lately, so it should be good to get back into daily posting of photos
  • just the kitchen left to spring-clean … i hope to get started on that tomorrow. for today – editing photos from the weekend, enjoying the warm weather outside with the kids and making a list of holiday baking i hope to do in December!

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  1. charlane Says:

    it’s cold and nasty outside here – hope are are safe and snuggly at home.

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