November 26, 2010



  • the day before thanksgiving has been full in all the best ways
  • tidying the house and putting the finishing touches on our holiday decorating
  • making venison stew for a dinner with my parents, preparing pie crusts for tomorrow morning’s baking, and making homemade brownies full of yummy extras
  • our tree is finally up and is quite beautiful all dressed up in some new ornaments for this year
  • holiday music has been playing non-stop today and has reminded me of why i love this time of year so very much
  • we’re all looking forward to tomorrow with family and friends, spending time together, and being thankful.


  • spring clean week is going slower than i had hoped (maybe spring clean fortnight?) but, progress is being made – so im happy!
  • half of the house is done … its funny how much of a difference it can make … the skirting boards, little scuff marks here and there, the dust that settles on top of the door frames – all the little things we don’t really notice, or get used to – some of the cleaning is obvious, some not – but just knowing its clean makes me feel so much better!
  • my brother is coming today and staying a couple of nights – we haven’t seen him in a while, so it will be good to have him come and stay
  • im very much looking forward to next week … putting up the tree, holiday music and the start of holiday crafting!
  • the mailman dropped off the artists way this morning yah! i have had a quick glance through and im excited to get started
  • today – more cleaning and then hopefully some photo-editing, its been a while since i uploaded photos from the camera!

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  1. charlane Says:

    beautiful shots – both. i’m so happy at my home because thanksgiving went so very well.

    hope you have a beautiful weekend.

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