November 24, 2010



  • this weekend was great.  full of my kids playing with their cousins for a sleepover at our house.
  • hide & seek in the dark under the full moon on saturday night, backyard tennis, a little inside play and a late night board game kept all of them busy.
  • this afternoon i’ve been cleaning out my photo archives and found some left-behind photos from our august vacation.
  • today ended up being quite rainy and i’m hoping that means cooler temps are on the way.
  • tomorrow looks to be more of the same as we prepare to have our christmas tree brought in by the end of the week.
  • we’ve already begun our christmas decorating and it feels great.  i do love this time of year!


  • thankfully everyone is feeling much better and i managed to escape the bug!
  • this week looks to be busy – i’ve decided this week to spring clean. the bedrooms are done, now onto the bathroom and laundry – both should be fairly quick – im a little over the top about the way those rooms are kept!
  • i ordered the artists way, by julia cameron late last week, so hoping that will arrive today
  • clear, blue skies and the sun is out this morning – looks to be another gorgeous day!
  • im slowly starting to add more words over at my personal blog … i have been quite quiet over there the past month or so and i’ve missed it – its good to be writing and sharing more again.

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