November 18, 2010


PB138568 f

  • we had a really good, fun-filled weekend!
  • saturday we went to a football game, spent time together, and ate too much game food!
  • sunday was more relaxed and i even had a photoshoot in the afternoon’s gorgeous sunlight
  • i can’t wait to start working on the edits later today
  • today is filled with busyness as will be the rest of the week


  • the past few days have been quiet. the youngest wasn’t well, so lots of cuddles and quiet time on the couch. today, the eldest has the bug too, so the next few days look to be the same – quiet and full of resting
  • the weather has been gorgeous, perfect for keeping on top of laundry!
  • after feeling uninspired in the weekend – i pulled out my wreck this journal. its been good to get my hands messy and be creative
  • i also captured some of the spring goodness in the backyard. the rose bushes are starting to bloom – i only wish i was a better gardener, so i could keep them healthy!

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