November 9, 2010



  • the weekend was great, cool and autumnal.  we cleaned house, burned our first fire in the fireplace, read books, played, and gained an hour of sleep on saturday night.
  • now i need to readjust to the time change…it’s dark at 5pm and the days are seeming so very short.
  • i know i’ll come around because normally this is my favorite part of autumn!
  • this week i think i’ll try my hand at making each of my girls a skirt and hopefully start my knitting…i did buy some new yarn!
  • i’m quite sure that this is going to be a good week.  i can feel it!


  • our weekend was filled with gorgeous weather – so lots of time spent outside, enjoying the sun
  • we all went to the big fireworks display… M really enjoyed herself and it was so wonderful to see her face light up. my little man didn’t mind the noise like i thought he would, instead he kept cutely covering his eyes at the really bright fireworks
  • im hoping for a slower paced week, this week. making sure i find time for daily yoga and a sit down / quiet time
  • i am finally knitting the border for the blanket. just two more sides to go and then weaving in the ends (why, oh why didn’t i weave in ends as i went along?!)
  • im excited to start a new knitting project – im thinking of knitting the kids a Christmas stocking each …
  • and, oh my, Christmas planning already? where did the year go?!

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