November 2, 2010



  • tricks and treats all weekend long
  • lots of candy still lying around
  • today was full of laundry and reading and doggy lovin’ and kids playing and warm sunshine and goodness
  • the last couple of weeks have been hard, but things are looking up
  • today i’m grateful for so much.  i want to make a point each day during this month of thankfulness, to reflect on what matters most.



  • so far, today has been good. and productive. crossing things off the to-do list
  • i spent some time this morning de-cluttering digitally. paring down google reader. cleaning up bookmarks. sorting folders.
  • this afternoon – cleaning the house. we also have lots of errands to run up town. emails to write. letters to post [ the old-fashioned way! ]
  • im hoping to do some knitting tonight – i need to work on the baby blanket – the baby was born a few days ago!
  • i haven’t picked up the camera lately … im hoping for some fine weather tomorrow for a walk with camera in hand
  • i also need to get out and photograph all the lovely spring goodness in the backyard!

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