October 29, 2010


  • today was a shopping day just for me…all by myself!  a big thank you to my mom for watching my four kids.  xo
  • i did a little autumn/winter clothes shopping, some mall walking, and some coffee sipping.  it was a great day away.
  • now i’m looking forward to my hubby being home for the next couple of days…yay!
  • i have some school work to organize during our ‘weekend’ and some lesson plans to make that should carry us through the end of this year.
  • tonight i’m looking forward to some quiet time with my feet up and a book in my hands.


  • considering its only a four-day week – it has been long, and dragged on
  • the kids both had slight colds, so most of our week has been spent at home, resting, getting better
  • tomorrow starts a change for me. i want to be more mindful, eat healthier, exercise more – walking and daily yoga [ even if it is just 10mins a day ]
  • also, a better daily routine. writing and blogging everyday … getting things done quicker!
  • i finally finished editing my sisters photos … some i am really happy with. others keep making me angry at myself – for making silly, simple mistakes. but its all a learning curve, right?
  • today, the usual end of week errands and the big supermarket shop

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