October 26, 2010



  • this weekend was a long one…full of resting and finally some much needed rain
  • i just hope that some cooler temps follow the rain because it would be easy to think it’s hot and humid  mid-july rather than late october, autumn’s finest month…
  • today we did a bit of shopping for the week and picked up a few halloween decorations along with some black poster-board.  the kids are busily making haunted houses with the poster board now.  i can’t wait to see what they come up with!
  • halloween week is one of the most fun weeks in my household all year.  the kids love it and so do i.  it’s fun dressing up to be something you’re not.
  • i’m enjoying the new Rick Springfield memoir i checked out at the library.  it is really very interesting.
  • tonight i’m so happy to be having leftovers for supper.  that means that cooking will be light and my fridge will be clean.
  • i’m also hoping to find some blogging time this week.  the last week has been hard and i haven’t kept up with it the way i want to.  i need to take the time…



  • our long weekend was full of busyness and goodness. it was so nice to have elliott home for three days!
  • my sister and her partner stayed a couple of nights and it was good to see her … she let me practise taking portraits of her, and then the next day – the two of them together
  • i had so much fun and came away with a couple of good shots. im pleased with the bad shots too – i know the things i really need to work on now (check backgrounds for trees growing out of heads!)
  • the weather was gorgeous all weekend and again today – perfect laundry drying weather!
  • we all took a walk around town yesterday morning, and then a quick stroll through the markets. we also went down to the lake front and fed the ducks
  • i love how fearless my little man is … trying to get as close as he could to the big, angry swans
  • and i love how sweet my eldest is … she wanted to feed the little ducklings and got upset at the swans every-time they managed to get the bread instead of the ducklings!

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