October 22, 2010



  • out and about again today and planning to do the same tomorrow.  blah.
  • at least my boy can get his cast off tomorrow morning – i know he’s so ready to have it removed.
  • the girls are watching halloween movies quite frequently right now.  those seasonal movies are fun!
  • tonight we’re having broccoli soup for dinner.  i love that and so do the kids.
  • i just wish our weather would cool off a bit now.  i’m ready to pull out my sweaters already!


  • this week has gone so quickly! i have been busy, but the good type of busy – crossing things off my to-do list, getting things done
  • today … a big clean of the house, an attempt to catch up on laundry (please predicted rain, stay away until the laundry is dry?), the big supermarket shop and a few other errands to run
  • im hoping to have everything done so we can have a lazy day tomorrow and start our weekend early
  • im looking forward to having hubby home for three days, since it’s a long weekend!
  • and im also looking forward to seeing my sister this weekend … im hoping to take her and her boyfriend out maybe, for a mini-practice-photo session

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  1. charlane Says:

    the promise of cooler weather is so close i can touch it. hopefully next week

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