October 19, 2010


  • this weekend was fantastic.  a bon jovi concert on the beach was the perfect way for it to begin!
  • saturday was a little more low-key….time spent doing some school work with the kids, going through some photos {along with the film prints (above)} and some much needed household chores
  • sunday was also spent trying to catch up on things around the house.  sometimes i just don’t know what happens around here…messes abound.
  • today was spent shopping, making a trip to the library to replenish the girls’ supply of early readers, the boys books of interest, and one for me.
  • i’m hoping to start on the book tonight after my salmon, asparagus, and rice dinner is finished.  it feels good to be getting back into healthier eating habits.
  • the rest of the week should fall into place with school work, laundry, and some more cleaning out.  i’m trying to feel positive about it, lol!




  • our weekend was wonderful. we took a day trip to the beach – the weather was gorgeous and the kids had a lot of fun!
  • i knew my eldest was excited about the beach but i was worried about my youngest – he has never liked sand – but he surprised me …
  • he had a ball! rolling around in the sand, building castles, collecting shells and even laughing when he got sand in his mouth!
  • over the weekend i managed to finish sorting through and editing holiday photos, which is just as well, as i took quite a few photos at the beach … im excited to sit down tonight and go through them, slowly
  • todays weather has been a mix of everything – angry wind, intense rain and then periods of sun. the forecast doesn’t look great for the week, so im hanging out for this weekend [ a long weekend too ] our predicted highs are in the early 20’s!
  • this afternoon – once everything is done … some quiet time. a coffee and a slice of carrot cake with yummy cream cheese icing

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