October 14, 2010



  • yesterday was library day and we spent a while there in the afternoon
  • last night also wrapped up a week’s worth of birthdays, namely cake and ice cream.  now we’re back to our regular, much healthier menu.  my waist line is saying “thank you.”
  • this afternoon is going to be full of cleaning and putting away clutter and laundry folding while the kids hopefully play together outside
  • i’m hoping that tonight will be quiet enough to find time to pick up a book and do some reading.  i really miss reading when i can’t find time for it.  getting lost in a story really makes life better.
  • tomorrow should find me making scans of my newly developed roll of film.  i’m hoping!


october holiday

  • our routine is slowly falling back into place. in fact, in some ways our routine is a little better than before
  • slowly catching up on blog reading, and i came across this – the perfect protest. i am so in! are you?
  • i finished reading Alice Sebold’s latest book yesterday. it was strange and different, but once i got through a few chapters i couldn’t put it down
  • this morning i made coconut macaroons – which we dipped in chocolate. yum
  • this afternoon – errands and the big supermarket shop. im hoping to do some knitting too … i am nowhere near finished the baby blanket – and the person i am knitting it for is due next month!

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