October 13, 2010


for me.

  • birthdays, birthdays!  this is a huge birthday week for our family…with immediate and extended families combined i’m sure i can count at least 15 birthdays in the first two weeks of october.  anyone want cake?
  • along with all the special days comes special dinners, guests, sweet gifts, and cake and ice cream.
  • in my spare time {known as the wee hours of the morning} i’ve been reading some really awesome blog posts lately and finding some photo inspiration, too!
  • i finally got myself a vintage {31 year old} film camera and just developed the first roll.  i’m so excited to see what else it will do…i can hardly wait!
  • i’m looking forward to a good slow-down as the week progresses.  the kids and i need to refocus on school work and i have a mighty purging planned for my bedroom.  i’m hoping that huge wall of overloaded bookshelves looks completely different by the weekend.  let’s hope!




  • today is the first day back after holidays. elliott is back to work. madelyn back to kindy. and im trying to get back into routine
  • the holidays were fantastic. we had friends and family stay and elliott and i were able to have a weekend away, on our own … we went to the beach for a few days, the weather was perfect – the sun stayed out the whole time!
  • we walked on the beach, went for a couple of short bush-walks, played a round of golf, relaxed … and got to sleep in!
  • i missed my darlings, but they both had lots of fun, staying with their grandparents
  • after all this beautiful spring weather and sunshine, we woke to a cold start this morning. there is snow on all the ranges and snow on the mountain nearby. even though in winter it gets a small cap of snow, last nights dumping left snow almost halfway down
  • this afternoon while the eldest is at kindy, and the youngest naps, im hoping to spend some time going through and editing holiday photos. i have a feeling today will require more coffee!

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  1. charlane Says:

    sounds like great weeks!! can’t wait to see some of the film.

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