September 30, 2010


  • the last few days have been really busy
  • full of school work, appointments, photo sessions, a quick trip to Atlanta for my hubby and boys, a night of camping in our backyard tent last night for me and the girls, oh – and grocery shopping, too.
  • did i mention that all this was done on about 3 hours sleep?  yawn!
  • tonight i honestly just want to go to bed with a book or maybe just a movie or just nothing at all…hmm.
  • i hope the kids are thinking along those same lines!


  • the last few days have been spent outside in the sun, im pleased we enjoyed the sun while it was here, as the sky opened up today and it is meant to rain for a few more days
  • but, the sun should be back early next week – along with some nice high temps we haven’t seen since last summer!
  • today i caught up with photos and house-cleaning and organizing a few things for next week
  • im looking forward to tomorrow, when my family comes for a visit
  • and then a nice quiet weekend, as the kids will both be staying with grandparents
  • i haven’t really spent time away from my little man and i know he will be fine, its me im worried about! … but it should be nice to have some alone time

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  1. charlane Says:

    an early night sounds wonderful.

    hang in there mommas

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