September 28, 2010

d e l i g h t

  • this weekend was really great.
  • the kids spent two days camping and i had two days alone.
  • some of the time i did “me” things, some of the time i did the things i “had” to do, and much of the time the silence was deafening.
  • i missed them after a short while…the laughing, running, talking, mess making.
  • today the weather has finally been nice enough to open the windows and let the cool breezes in
  • tomorrow promises more of the same
  • tonight i’m hoping to have my head in a couple of cookbooks to jot down some ingredients to add to wednesday’s shopping list.  i’m looking to revamp the menu around this place!


2010-09 324

  • it is finally starting to really feel like spring! i think daylight savings time change in the weekend helped – eating our dinner last night, while it was still sunny? perfect.
  • i can’t wait until we will be enjoying our dinners outside, on the deck every night!
  • the last few days have been lovely and quiet, spent outside soaking up the sun
  • the whole weekend smelt of freshly cut grass … ours and all our neighbours. the sound of everyone doing their lawns ~ so spring-like!
  • laundry was dried outside on the line, we all have been wearing short sleeves, and all the windows and doors have stayed open, letting a cool breeze through the house
  • after three weeks of on and off rain, the sun has been a welcome sight … we just need to soak it up today, as rain is forecast for tomorrow!

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  1. charlane Says:

    time alone well spent

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