September 25, 2010


  • the past couple of days i haven’t felt very well….just a general blah feeling
  • the kids are going to be camping with my mom and dad for the next two days…yes, all four of them.
  • i’m thinking that in the morning i’ll take some time to go to a few garage sales and then hit the movies all by my lonesome.
  • i’ve been dying to see Eat, Pray, Love and tomorrow looks like the perfect day
  • other than that, with all the free time on my hands, i think i’ll just enjoy every second of this weekend to myself.


  • yesterday i finally used the extremely ripe bananas that have been sitting on the bench for goodness knows how long!
  • i made banana and ginger muffins and the discovered my new favourite cake recipe – Sour Cream-Banana Cake with Chocolate Ganache Glaze, i didn’t make the glaze, but next time will!
  • i think i found this last time i baked a recipe from her site, but now i know for next time … when it says pre-heat oven, it means pre-heat on fan-bake not just bake … i spent a while trying to cover the cake with wet baking paper to stop the top from burning, but keep the insides cooking
  • most of today was spent outside gardening – i don’t enjoy gardening, but it was so nice to spend the day outside in the sun, rather than inside looking out at rain
  • i am hoping tomorrow will much the same
  • but, tonight, i am going to make my way through editing some photos and then knitting in front of the fire

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Sounds like a perfect evening, and that cake sounds wonderful!!

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