September 24, 2010


last bbq of summer

  • the last couple of days have been spent saying goodbye to summer and hello to autumn.
  • goodbye to swimming and bbq and hello to pumpkins and cool breezes
  • now, if we can get the weather to cooperate, things would be just about perfect.
  • since most of the household chores are under control {thankfully} I’m thinking about spending the day finishing up my vacation photos and a few others that need sorting.


  • whew! today has been busy, but good. it’s the last day of kindy today before the holidays start … so this morning i have been busy cleaning the house, so instead of the big friday clean tomorrow, we can start the holidays with lots of play [ and maybe rest? ]
  • our hot water situation is finally fixed! yah! i never thought i would get that excited over having hot water come out of the tap!
  • today the weather is grey, wet, windy. im pleased yesterday we had some sun with a nice breeze … i was able to catch up on laundry ~ all five loads
  • yesterday i also finished sorting, naming, dating all the loose photos around the house. now to put them into albums and print up to date …
  • i love how i came across baby photos of me [ like the one above, at 6mo. ] nestled in between baby photos of my children

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  1. charlane Says:

    i agree – if only the weather would cooperate

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