September 21, 2010


  • had  a great weekend…dinner with our neighbors and a couple of last-minute dips in the pool for the kids
  • today has been one of those crazy-busy days
  • emma went in for a checkup this morning and tons of errand runs along with grocery shopping.
  • we had a very full day and i’m tired
  • thankfully tonight was leftovers and only one side dish had to be made.  i love when things in the kitchen work out that way on my busy days.
  • now i’m looking forward to an early evening and hopefully finishing the last 30+ pages of my book…that is if i can keep my eyes open!  let’s hope because i’m ready to mark this one off the list and get back to my sookie stackhouse series!


  • my weekend was long, so much time spent on the phone, on hold. i managed to put all that phone time to good use though …
  • i started sorting out older photos albums and the photos in photo boxes … im hoping it wont take long to sort, name and put them back into new albums, in order
  • and then i can make a start on printing more recent photos (which i haven’t done in almost two years!)
  • no hot water gave us a good excuse to go down to the local pools last night, we all had so much fun (and we got to shower without having to boil water!)
  • someone else will be coming to look at our hot water situation tomorrow, im really hoping it will get fixed soon
  • in the weekend i also started something i have wanted to do for a while – an origami crane mobile for madelyn. it took a while before my cranes started looking like they should, but they are starting to look a bit better!

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  1. Sandra Says:

    i love these origami cranes!! i have been wanting to try these for so long! maybe now would be a good time to do it since you have given me the inspiration and my girls’ newly decorated room would be super cute with these! xo

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