September 19, 2010



  • a couple of busy days filled with busy dogs and tired kids makes for an equally tired mama
  • realizing that eating healthfully is for more than weight management.  it’s also for mind management.  i’ve got to get back on track.
  • the weather is still awfully hot and midday iced coffee hits the spot
  • the weekend is here and i have a photo shoot this afternoon….fun!
  • i’m looking forward to the down time that these next couple of days will bring


  • we still dont have hot water *sigh*
  • there has been a big storm over much of the country the past few days and many homes have been without power, so much of the weekend, i have spent on the phone, on hold to our power company
  • i am extremely grateful that we still have power, but knowing it may be at least a day or two until we get hot water back is frustrating
  • i have realized just how much i take for granted
  • yesterday when we had a little break in the rain, i went searching in the backyard with camera in hand. after realizing it was much to windy to take decent shots outside, i brought spring inside!
  • i think i need to take a trip to the thrift store to find some more glass jars, so i can bring more spring inside!

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