September 17, 2010


one for me, one for her.

  • the last two days were spent entirely at home with no errands to run, thankfully
  • lots of school work and laundry and cleaning have taken place
  • now we’re looking forward to a couple of days off along with my hubby…family time is my favorite
  • the new puppy is doing well as the leash training commences
  • the new routine that we have begun to accommodate the puppies is a change for me and something that i’ll have to get used to over the coming weeks.  i’m definitely a creature of habit and i find adjustments to my routine are hard to make.
  • all is well though as our mornings are a bit cooler and the light-play in my windows changes every day.  i do love the changes that autumn brings.


  • wow. today has been interesting to say the least! this morning we woke to another very wet and grey day. i started normal friday clean up and while vacuuming i noticed a wet patch of carpet next to the linen cupboard …
  • our hot water cylinder has been leaking, the plumber took a look and we needed a whole new cylinder!
  • so, this morning was busy clearing everything out of the linen cupboard – i have been saying for a while it needed a clean out! (and, wow. we have a lot of linen!)
  • i figured while everything was out, i might as well do a little re-arrange of the other hallway cupboard and our wardrobe too
  • but now, we have a new cylinder, my linen is nicely organized as is the other cupboards and i finally have all my craft, scrap-booking and knitting stuff in one place!
  • im looking forward to tonight, sitting down and putting my feet up. and im very much looking forward to the weekend!

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