September 14, 2010


our newest family member...

  • yesterday and today have both been very busy around our house
  • we spent yesterday shopping around for a dog for my boys and finally brought one home
  • a 14-week old yellow Labrador Retriever named Cooper
  • this morning was a run to the vet where everything checked out well, back home to drop off the new doggie, then back to town for some grocery shopping
  • can you say caffeine?  that’s what i’m running on today….
  • this afternoon has been spent trying to learn how to keep house with two new puppies, one very small and one quite large, making sure that everything stays in one piece, lol!
  • tonight everything is quiet, the dogs are in their crates and the kids are settling down…hopefully for a long night’s sleep


46. spicy lemon

  • our weekend was quiet, spent at home. madelyn is feeling much better, but now my little man has come down with the same thing
  • today, the weather is a mix-bag again. the sun keeps coming out to tease us and then the rain starts!
  • it’s getting warmer though – not long until the winter clothes will need to be packed away until next year
  • yesterday, i did a little bit of baking – spicy lemon muffins. i made a new batch of lemon curd, using a new recipe – i like this lot better than the last
  • this afternoon im hoping to read through some more blogs on my reader, catch up on photo-editing and uploading and also set up a few blog posts for the week
  • lately i haven’t been blogging as much as i used to – and i miss it. i really want to get back into the routine of blogging more frequently

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  1. Julie Says:

    adorable puppy!

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