September 11, 2010



  • this has been one of those weeks where i can only wonder where the days have gone.  every second seems to have flown by.
  • i haven’t picked my camera up very much the last couple of days, but i have been getting some vacation photos edited and i’m almost finished…yay!
  • my kids (girls especially) are in the autumn/halloween mood.  my mantle is already draped in pumpkin lights and a halloween banner, lol!
  • i just wish the autumn feel to the air would come back…it has been so hot this week.
  • i’m ready for jeans and sweaters and backyard campouts and s’mores!


  • friday is our big clean of the house day, so yesterday morning was busy – full of chores. we had some sun for a bit, so i managed to catch up on laundry
  • yesterday afternoon the kids napped, the house all clean and a friend came over for coffee … it was a lovely, quiet afternoon
  • last night we watched the warriors play, and tonight we are going to watch the all blacks play australia – a weekend full of sport!
  • i have quite a few un-read blog posts in my blog feeder … last night i started to go through them, and i noticed a theme of sorts in quite a few of the posts i read … the only thing constant is change
  • this has been on my mind a lot lately, and reading these quite timely posts was a good reminder that i need to allow change, and not push against it
  • today will be a quiet day, spent at home. the sky is grey with dark rain clouds … my little girl isn’t very well, so a day for dvd’s and curling up on the couch with her

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