September 9, 2010


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  • John Mayer.  that is who we spent monday evening listening to in concert.  it was so absolutely fantastic.
  • i loved the amphitheater, the great seats, the music, the guitar playing, the tattoos… {wink, wink}
  • along with that, we also stayed over in a hotel to make the date extra special.  it was so very nice to have that time away.
  • today is back to laundry and school work and my regular rhythm around the house.
  • i’m working every day to try to finish my latest book, but it seems that every time i crack it open i get totally disturbed and only fit in a couple of pages.  i’m feeling determined to finish it this week!
  • it seems that i’ve taken a few days away from my regular blog, but i’m hoping to get back to daily posting this month.  i really enjoyed the consistent posting of last month.
  • i also need to finish my vacation photos from last month.  i’m partly finished and i’m hoping to fit them into a slideshow in the next few days.  fingers crossed!


  • we had a good weekend ~ mostly spent outdoors, soaking up the sun. we took a few walks and trips to the park
  • im so pleased we spent the weekend outside, so far this week we have had grey skies and rain. i love the rain, but hope it will stop soon ~ i really want to get out and enjoy the spring blossoms!
  • i finally made time to watch Amelie ~ a gorgeous, quirky movie, one that i could watch over and over
  • and i adore the soundtrack, its my go-to baking and cleaning music!
  • i am enjoying souvenir foto school, but getting back into the habit of taking a photo-a-day is harder than i thought it would be
  • the class is a month long photo-a-day, each photo representing a different letter of the alphabet (with a few days spare) its so creatively challenging – in a good way!

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  1. charlane Says:

    john is rather yummy. i remember going to see him when no one knew his name.

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