September 5, 2010


  • had a great couple of days with my hubby home
  • he even made me a new clothes line…and i love it!
  • i had a fun, impromptu movie date with my brother and sister-in-law last night.  we had a great time!
  • today my boys are going with my brother to see the first college football game of the season for our team.  they were SO excited!
  • that means that it’s a date with the girls for me…we’re heading out to see this one later today.  i loved the first Nanny McPhee and I’m hoping that this one is just as good!


2010-07 715

  • so pleased the weekend is here! a cold night last night with heavy rain, but we woke this morning to a beautiful blue sky and sun!
  • i have been in the kitchen lots this week – yesterday morning coconut and pineapple muffins … the batch is almost gone, so maybe some lemon and coconut muffins this afternoon
  • last night i spent a little bit of time on the computer going through my (very full) favourites folder … i decided to start another blog over on tumblr for ‘found’ things
  • i still haven’t watched my movie yet, im really hoping to make some time this afternoon to sit down, watch the movie and do a little bit of knitting
  • but for now, we are all outside enjoying the sunshine … the kids are playing happily together, kicking the ball around
  • and i am having a coffee break, while doing a little bit of reading

3 Responses to “”

  1. Sandra Says:

    oh kylie…i love the video you found over at tumblr…and those stones too!

    • Kylie Says:

      the stones are neat aren’t they? Im going to start searching for flat-ish pebbles now, to do some pebble art with the kids!

  2. charlane Says:

    sounds like a great weekend and i know the boys loved the game! roll tide

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