September 2, 2010


it was a picnic kind of day

  • today was a picnic kind of day.  the perfect way to start September i say!
  • i’m looking forward to the cooler days in our future and to even more picnic time as the weather allows it
  • i’m looking forward to sweaters and jeans and cool nights by the fire and camping in the backyard and s’mores and all the goodness fall brings
  • today was spent doing lessons, having our lunch outside, reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow aloud to the kids, a yummy coffee break, then a little outdoor clean-up this afternoon
  • tonight is rotisserie chicken and veggies and some more reading.  i love good days like this.


2010-08 071

  • spring is here! we are still using the fire everyday, but i am excited for the warm weather to come!
  • i finished my book and cant wait to start the next one … but in the meantime i am reading a favourite of mine
  • yesterday i made lemon-honey – we have a tree full of lemons and i need to find a few more ways to use them up! the lemon spread turned out alright, for my first time making it … but i am going to try a different recipe next time
  • this afternoon heavy rain is forecast, so i plan on sitting down and watching a movie while the kids nap ~ im looking forward to some quiet time
  • im excited to join in for another session of souvenir foto school, im hoping to pick up the camera more this month
  • i really want to give stop-motion a try – things like this and this are amazing and inspiring!

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Hello, beautiful ladies! Sandra, an ancestor of mine was reputedly Washington Irving’s writing partner and had at least a little to do with that book. Pretty neat! And Kylie, I am never, never, never NOT in the mood for that movie! The soundtrack is always right too.

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