August 31, 2010


rainy saturday

  • the last few days have been all about rain.  tons of it!
  • this afternoon has given us a little sunshine…i’m so thankful!
  • we started our day today with some school work.  it feels strange to be getting back to the books!
  • overall the day has been good and the kids enjoyed the work we did
  • tonight i’m hoping to get some much anticipated reading done.  i’m dying to find out what’s going to happen in the end!


  • our weekend was good. we had a mix of weather – heavy rain one minute, then the next thing the clouds would clear and the sun would shine. the forecast predicts the same for the next few days
  • i got out in the garden with camera in hand – i love spring colours!
  • friday night we watched the league and then had a much needed early night . . . i woke saturday morning feeling rested finally, rather than waking still tired like i have been
  • we made cheese and chives scuffins for lunch saturday, they disappeared rather quickly, so yesterday morning – ginger & pinapple muffins
  • we also watched a movie, i really enjoyed it and some scenes i could. not. stop. giggling!
  • yesterday afternoon we went for a quick shop up town. i bought the first book in this series . . . im only a few chapters in, but liking it already ~ im pleased i finally gave in and listened to everyone who recommended the series!

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  1. mary Says:

    really feeling the opposite seasons! as sandra heads into fall, it’s so getting to be spring for kylie! lovely shots, ladies!

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