August 28, 2010


  • today has been a blah kind of day.
  • my littlest one had a terribly sickly day yesterday as she was battling a virus, but i’m glad she’s feeling better today.
  • we have a new family member this week…a puppy!  i’ll put up some photos soon.
  • i made a yummy brown rice salad for lunch today and i think i’ll be having it again for dinner.
  • i’m also looking forward to a possible day out with my mom tomorrow…


winter soup 1

  • the last few days have flown by, yet, at the same time the week seemed to drag on?
  • i went for a walk yesterday, with camera in hand. im excited to sit down this afternoon and go through the photos
  • today – cheese and chives scones for lunch and a walk this afternoon if the rain stays away … it doesn’t look promising though
  • i haven’t been very motivated with any of my projects lately, so tonight, im hoping to do a little bit of knitting

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  1. charlane Says:

    hope the little one is better soon. and that moss macro is gorgeous

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