August 25, 2010



  • last week we were on vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains…we had a blast!
  • we did lots of swimming, playing, collecting rocks, visiting the amusement park,  resting on our hotel balcony, enjoying the awesome sights in Cade’s Cove, eating out, and walking downtown.
  • i also didn’t have to wash clothes, clean the house, wash dishes, or even make the bed.  it was wonderful!
  • we’re all back to reality this week, easing back into our routine, and planning for school work to begin next week.
  • that means the rest of my week needs to be spent organizing our school shelves and planning some lessons.
  • today, however, is full of vacation photo editing and another cup of coffee would make it just about perfect!


- - - -

  • we have had some gorgeous sunny days this past week – the sun is getting higher in the sky and its lighter in the mornings when we wake
  • all of a sudden, everything is covered in pollen! spring is almost here!
  • but there is still a winter chill in the air and we still have the fire going all day … but, finally, i can start to hang the laundry out on the line!
  • in the weekend we went back to the spca and brought home a cute, fluffy kitten! we named him Bassie, and he seems right at home already … and the kids love him!
  • we have been baking lots, last night – cheese and tomato scuffins. im hoping tomorrow to bake some cookies
  • i am still enjoying the august break and have caught up with photos, but i haven’t really picked up the camera much in the past few weeks … im hoping that will soon change

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