August 13, 2010


  • today i was able to nearly finish all the laundry and i cut all the grass
  • then this afternoon i went with my mom and brother and the kids to a local coffee shop/bakery for some yummy indulgent treats!
  • the danish was really incredible an my mochaccino was perfect…mmmm
  • this evening the kids and i prepared spring rolls with cabbage and carrots along with some brown rice and baked acorn squash – it was delicious too!
  • now tonight we’re set to watch this movie…it looks like a great suspense thriller!


  • today was good … but busy!
  • this morning we went up town for a few last minute things for elliott’s birthday tomorrow, and then home to do chores and get all the laundry done before the clouds and rain rolled in
  • this afternoon i finally caught up on sorting through holiday photos –yah! im hoping throughout the next few days i can get them all uploaded
  • we also did a bit of clothes shopping this afternoon and then the big grocery shop … but also for important things, like cake and new candles for tomorrow!
  • tonight ~ the usual  dinner, bath and bed routine, but then i found some quiet time to finish my book
  • i really got into it towards the end, and didn’t want to put it down!

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  1. charlane Says:

    that movie was very interesting to me.

    baked goodies – yum!

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