August 11, 2010


  • this weekend was wonderful
  • the kids had a great time at a sleepover on friday
  • then saturday was spent swimming all day
  • and sunday, while it rained, the kids and i spent all day playing monopoly and baking cookies
  • i made an effort to be mindful the whole weekend, appreciating our quiet time on friday, watching the kids play on saturday, and enjoying all the laughs and cookie dough eating yesterday
  • weekends like this are the best


  • we had a really good weekend, spending time with family
  • the weather has been up and down … feels like it’s almost spring one minute, and then the sun disappears and cold rain reminds us that it’s still winter!
  • i am enjoying my new book, but found it quite hard to ‘get into’. so far, i don’t think it’s as good as her other book
  • i also made good progress on the blanket i am knitting, but the garter stitch is never-ending, so this afternoon i hope to cast on another square for the afghan blanket i am also knitting
  • we finally got out my sister’s keeper and memoirs of a geisha from the dvd store … so tonight we will be watching one
  • and i have discovered my new favourite winter treat ~ chocolate mug cake nom nom!

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  1. charlane Says:

    i long for a rainy sunday

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