August 7, 2010


  • yesterday was spent getting my girls’ hair cut…it was so long and thick and hot, but now is much more manageable and most importantly cooler!
  • i’ve been spending time going through the clutter that has accumulated on my desk and doing much needed paperwork
  • we’re planning for our upcoming vacation and becoming very excited!
  • tonight my boys will stay overnight with their cousins…the first time they’ve stayed anywhere besides my parents’ house, so i’m hoping things go well
  • now we’re planning a quiet evening with our girls….maybe even a pizza in our near future!


  • wow, what a long week … so thankful its the weekend!
  • the sun stayed out all morning yesterday, so the kids and i spent the whole morning playing outside
  • i also caught up on all the housework yesterday afternoon, so we can have a weekend free of household chores
  • instead ~ spending time with family, watching the rugby tonight, knitting and a walk (or two) to the park
  • and tonight, im hoping to find some quiet time to sit down and read my new book that i picked up yesterday

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  1. charlane Says:

    adorable haircut!

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