August 5, 2010


P8046038 f

  • we finally got some much needed rain the last couple of days.  i’m so thankful for that.
  • i found time to clean out some clothes from last winter and have several bags ready for donation
  • i also cleaned out the girls’ clothes and toys and have about 5 additional bags ready to give away!
  • it feels great to let go of “stuff.”
  • i finished Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth and i have to say that i loved it.
  • now, i’m off to start book six of the Charlaine Harris series i’ve been reading…yay!


  • with all this rain we have had, things have been quiet around here …
  • but today, the sun is out!
  • so today will be busy ~ trying to catch up on laundry, we also have a few errands to run and the big supermarket shop this afternoon
  • and hopefully the sun stays out long enough for a walk to the park this afternoon
  • i am enjoying the august break and the quiet blogging
  • i have been knitting a lot the last few days too … i only have about 1/4 to go on the blanket yah!

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