August 3, 2010



  • we had a great weekend…filled with yard work and swimming and sun and heat….so much heat!
  • it is so very hot and dry outside right now and i’m trying to remind myself just how cold February can be.
  • today was full of errands as usual, picking up groceries and the next book in my current series.
  • this afternoon has been quite a lazy one for me.  i feel like my battery has run out.  ha!
  • i’m so glad that tonight we have left over smoked turkey and a side of broccoli and maybe some potatoes…simple and yummy.  yay for leftovers!


  • we have had rain, rain and more rain. the next few days look to be wet too.
  • we have done lots of baking, reading, drawing and building castles with blocks … but the kids have a bit of cabin-fever.
  • hopefully we get a break in the rain this afternoon so we can go jump in some puddles!
  • i also hope to pick up the camera this afternoon … the dreary weather has left me uninspired and i have barely touched the camera, the last week or so
  • tonight for dinner ~ a yummy chicken soup ~ perfect for days like today

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