July 31, 2010

summer afternoon toesies

  • we had a great day today spending time with my cousin and her two kids.  the kids also decided to stay the night so there will be no lights-out soon for me, but the laughter in the air makes it all worth it.
  • i enjoyed all the girl talk today – so nice to have time together like that.
  • tomorrow we plan on having the same kind of day!
  • i spent some time out in the sun over the last couple of days…it feels so great to be outside even if it is crazy-hot out there.
  • tonight i think i’ll find a not-so-quiet corner to myself and try to finish up some reading – if i can keep from laughing at this house full of silly kids


  • this morning we woke to thick fog outside, which then turned into rain … with no sight of the sun all day.
  • i took some time to go through some more holiday photos, and am pleased i saved sifting through them for grey days like today – its nice to see sunshine on the computer screen, even if out the window is a different story!
  • because of the wet weather we didn’t make it to the market this morning, like i had hoped. so instead, Madelyn and i baked muffins – jam filled muffins with raspberry icing nom nom!
  • tonight will be a late one … we are staying up to watch the All Blacks play the wallabies.
  • tomorrow will be a quiet day at home, as there is meant to be more rain … a little bit of knitting, a dvd or two and maybe some more baking

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  1. charlane Says:

    quiet days sound good.

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