July 29, 2010


this morning.

  • i’m still spending a lot of time reading.  i finally made it to book five of the Sookie Stackhouse series and am loving this series more with each book.  I think after a couple of books, especially in a series like this you become sort of ingrained  by the characters….i’m so glad that there’s at least 10 books in the series with talks of contracts and possibly even three more to come after that!
  • if i can put down my vampire books for a few minutes i might actually finish this one…Women, Food, and God.   i have begun reading it although i’m moving along at a slower pace.  it seems to be really, really good though.
  • i’m also trying to find my focus and inspiration lately.  once in a while it just disappears.  i think i’ll spend lots of time with my camera this week focusing on my day to day activities and finding the beauty once again.
  • i may even try blogging in the form of the Simple Woman’s Daybook….it’s such a great way to make myself stop and think and become more mindful of my present moment.


  • we have had a good week so far – although i really haven’t done a lot around the house … the book that i picked up in the weekend? i could. not. put. it. down.
  • i learnt a lot and am eager to read Geisha, a Life by Mineko Iwasaki. i had to remind myself many times throughout the book, that it was a novel and not really a biography. im also eager to watch the movie – hopefully this weekend
  • on Monday night, i made a hearty beef soup – im thinking we need to make soup Monday’s a tradition here during the winter! i don’t cook often … but soup (in the slow cooker) is something i can manage!
  • i did however, chop up too much pumpkin. so Madelyn and i made pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins, with yummy cream cheese icing. pumpkin muffins are surprisingly nice!
  • i am excited about august almost being here … i am going to join in with the august break, it seems the perfect time to catch up on the holiday photos that i am taking my time sorting through!

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