July 26, 2010



  • this weekend was full of celebration…my boys’ 12th birthday and my and my husband’s 15th wedding anniversary!  my boys were by far the best anniversary gift ever!
  • my hubby and i took a day away for lunch and some shopping
  • my boys enjoyed a great birthday meal, courtesy of my grill-master dad and wonderful mom….it was delicious!
  • we followed that down with cake and ice cream and gifts!
  • their big gift from us will be a new puppy, but we decided to put it off a few weeks to allow us to get back from our vacation.  they absolutely can’t wait for that day to arrive!
  • all in all, it was a perfect weekend, full of happy times, beautiful memories, incredible family and all the ones we love most.  it couldn’t have been better!


2010-07 646

  • yesterday was wet and miserable, but we made the most of being stuck inside all day …
  • in the morning Madelyn and i made jaffa muffins. and then, while the kids were down for their afternoon nap, i baked banana bread with chocolate and cinnamon sugarnom nom! will definitely be baking that again!
  • today was a gorgeous sunny day … this morning we all went for a walk down by the lake and then around the gardens, as well as a quick walk around the market. i picked up a book i have been meaning to read for a while – for just $1!
  • this afternoon we played down at the park and then home to do a few things around the house … crossing a few things off that to-do list!
  • after everything was done, we all sat down and watched a dvd … Madelyn asked if we could make a really big gingerbread man next week, “just like on the movie!”

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  1. mary Says:

    yummy food and family time is always good! (kylie – that book is one of my faves – hope you like it!)

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