July 20, 2010



  • we had a wonderful weekend…at a water park!
  • i decided to leave my camera behind and not chance it getting damaged….i just wanted to go and have fun, keeping the memories of that day inside my head.
  • we played in the sun and water all day on Saturday and had the best time.
  • we’ve been doing lots of swimming lately….and walking and working out.  it’s beginning to pay off on the scales!
  • it’s time for me to begin cleaning out our school supplies and planning for school work and looking for new curriculum, and planning our upcoming vacation (!!).
  • the summer heat and humidity is here, full force, every day.  i’m already having autumn dreams!
  • i’m also hoping that this week my mom and i can get the chance to see Eclipse…i cannot wait to finally see it!


  • we have just got back from staying with friends at the Mount … we all had such a fantastic time!
  • chilly nights, but such beautiful, sunny days – the gorgeous weather meant we were able to take the kids down to the beach for a run around
  • and also to a petting farm … the kids had so much fun seeing and feeding all the different types of animals – we even got to feed tiny piglets!
  • im excited to sit down over the next few days and go through all the photos i took while on our holiday
  • while we were away, i also got to meet up with a flickr friend! we had a coffee and then down to beach for a walk … we chose the best time for the walk – twilight hour, the colours in the sky were amazing!

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