July 8, 2010



  • we’ve had a great couple of days watching my mom’s newborn miniature schnauzer pups!
  • they were born tuesday morning by emergency c-section, but are doing well and they are sooo cute!
  • my boys are asking for a yellow lab for their birthday later this month….so this may be just the beginning of puppy cuteness.
  • i’ve finished quite a bit of photo editing, but still have a little more to go.  i’m on to my final baby session now.
  • i’m still doing well with my jillian michaels plan and am thoroughly enjoying her recipes.  they are all very good!
  • this week has absolutely flown by….as most seem to do anymore and i’m just looking forward to the next couple of days with my hubby home.


dip 2 muffin

  • it was such a beautiful day today – clear blue sky and lovely warmth from the sun. the type of day that tricks you into thinking it’s almost spring …
  • until the sun sets and the frost starts to settle and that’s when i remember that we are far from spring!
  • but, the gorgeous day meant i was finally able to catch up on laundry! and clean out my car, which has been on my to-do list for a few weeks now!
  • tomorrow – a trip to the wool store, to pick up yarn for the fourth colour, for the blanket i am knitting
  • i am really looking forward to the weekend too … catching up and spending time with wonderful friends

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  1. charlane Says:

    sooo sweet about the puppies – i’m glad they are all doing well.

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