July 4, 2010

a m e r i c a

  • this weekend we’ll celebrate Independence Day!
  • fireworks, barbecue, swimming, friends, and family…it will be a great time!
  • i took some time out this afternoon with my camera and found butterflies galore.
  • i’m still editing baby photos and making notes of how to ease my workflow in that area, it seems like i learn something new with every shot i edit.
  • i’m also still keeping in line with my workouts and eating habits and am down 12 pounds!
  • that’s not too bad for two weeks worth of work and it’s plenty of motivation to keep me on the right track!


180 :: 365

  • after a slight frost this morning, we have a gorgeous day. perfect weather for catching up on the huge pile of laundry i have!
  • also perfect weather for a walk to the park later
  • i am all caught up with sorting and uploading photos from my 365 … feels really good to be all done with P365
  • i baked pillow cookies, and wow. they are huge! definitely a special treat kind of biscuit!
  • looking forward to tonight’s dinner … Elliott is cooking a yummy roast
  • and then after dinner, i am going to bake orange chocolate chip muffins nom!

2 Responses to “”

  1. charlane Says:

    congrats on finishing the 365!!

    sounds like wonderful weekends

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