July 2, 2010


04 11 10 105

  • today has been spent editing some incredibly sweet baby photos…hopefully they’ll be ready to reveal tomorrow!
  • it has been a very rainy afternoon….dreary, dreary.
  • tonight Ethan cooked our dinner….steaks on the grill.  they were perfect!
  • really, it has been a quiet, uneventful day.   the kind that leaves you with a blank stare when you sit down to reflect on what you really did, and you’re not even sure how to sum it up.
  • it is the very best kind of day if you ask me!


flower macro

  • yah! it’s the holidays! im hoping for a quiet two weeks – with lots of walks, trips to the park, catching up with good friends and enjoying the holidays as a family
  • the last day of june, saw the last day of my project 365 … feeling good about letting it go … i just wasn’t inspired by it any more and felt like it was holding me back a little
  • i am yet to upload the last week or so of photos, hoping to find some time this afternoon while the kids nap, to do that and get all caught up
  • also this afternoon, we are going to make some of these cookies nom nom!
  • i have already put my new knitting project on hold … i decided i didn’t like one of the colours i chose (they look so different knitted up next to each other, than they do in the ball!) so, with the colour i didn’t like, i knitted one of these beanies … the colour is so much nicer on its own
  • hopefully next week i can get back to the wool store and choose a new colour so i can pick up my project again!

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