June 30, 2010


05 29 10 070

  • it looks to be the start of another busy week!  so much to do and so little time, lol!
  • i’m just happy that i’ve been sticking to my workouts everyday and  that my laundry is finally caught up!
  • today has been rainy and we’ve all been stuck inside….blah.
  • i was at least able to shell some peas from our garden and can some banana pepper rings though.
  • i’ve also been babysitting my niece and nephew today, so the house has been extra busy and loud and running over with sweetness.


161 :: 365

  • i cast on my knitting project a few nights ago … its a simple knit, all in garter stitch – so wonderful for knitting while watching tv. i don’t think i did my math correctly though, and have a feeling i am going to need more yarn – not that i mind a trip back to the yarn store!
  • we have been having four-seasons-in-one-day type weather. beautiful sun and then without warning, the clouds roll in and it pours down
  • i have another cold. seriously sick of being sick. luckily the kids seem fine … hoping they don’t get sick too!
  • just one week until the school holidays. Elliott is taking time off work too, im really looking forward to spending two weeks at home, with him and the kids
  • so inspired by Molly Irwin‘s mini summer album that she posted over on Ali Edward‘s blog … im hoping to make one come summer time, but also thinking about making a winter version now
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    2 Responses to “”

    1. charlane Says:

      mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm canned banana peppers. i love those.

      both are such beautiful shots.

    2. mary Says:

      the similarity of your photos, coming from two opposite seasons, is striking. wow. love!

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